Skin problems and the beauty within 💆🏻‍♀️

Welcome to my first blog post in 3 years, ladies!🙌🏼

Hope you are all healthy and safe, wherever you are right now.

Most of you probably know from my new Instagram account about this very sensitive topic that i am going to write about today. I have been dealing with acne for a year now, even though i am 22. I am not a teenager anymore and i have been so intrigued. I mean why at this age? Puberty, what are you doing, dear? Coming back and torturing me haha? 😩

Well, i am joking, obviously, i know that acne is also a problem for young people, not only for teenagers. So, here i am dealing with it, trying so many products recommended by different dermatologists and yet, acne is still bothering me.


Influxes of hormones play a very important role in our growth as women and they start bothering us from a very young age. Hormonal acne is exactly what it sound like- acne tied to fluctuations in your hormones. A number of factors may contribute to this, from our period and its fluctuations, till our nutrition, lifestyle as well as mindset, mental health.

My acne was caused by irregularly menstruation and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Something absolutely expected. So, if you are dealing with acne and you do not know the cause, than do some “research” on your own body.


Here are two pictures of me before having skin problems. I was so happy that my puberty forgot about me and let me live my teen years in peace.

Puberty does not forgive anybody, it just plays with us on different levels…

I used to think that only a perfect skin is actually sign of beauty and it is, but it is not the only one. From the moment you understand that your body goes through some changes and it will eventually recover, you will automatically feel better about yourself. It is not a permanent aspect, it is temporary.


It all started with small pimples in the T-zone like 6 months in a row and then moved to the bottom of my cheeks and around my jawline. Awful!! 😩

I had to cut off my hair in order to keep my face as clean as possible.

I talked to 4 different dermatologists before taking a treatment, but fortunately, they all gave me the same 2 face creams. OMG i was so happy, i felt like they all recommended a real cure.


Before showing you my treatment i want to make it clear the fact that you do not have to use the same products, if your dermatologists does not recommend it to you. Eventually, you can ask about the products and see if they, let’s say, “fit you”.


Here is a treatment of facial redness and inflammation , made in France that really helped by stopping my pimples to appear as well as cleaning my skin, making it glow again.


It is also a treatment which contains clindamycin, an active substance that helped my face by eliminating the problem from its source.


It looked unbelievable, i felt so crippled, let’s say. Like i was hit by a car. I mean, what happened to my face in such a short period of time?!?

However, my self-esteem never leaved me! 🌱


It looks better and it is visible the treatment worked well. I feel that glow again, i feel it so bright and beautiful. I can’t even think about not loving my face the way it is. Clearly, it struggles to recover and i cannot hate it just because of a temporary damage.💕


The lesson of this experience, ladies, is: the more you stress out about them, the more they will appear on your face; the more you hate them and hate yourself for having them, the more they will invade your face.


Any facial treatment can help you, more or less, but the real one starts from within, from your mindset.


Even though i have never hated myself for having this problem and loved me the way i was, the moment i understood how stressing out affects the process, i stopped wearing make up like foundation, i showed my face to the world, i smiled more. Everytime somebody asked me what happened to my perfect face, i answered so relaxed and with calm. I looked fresh all the time, even without make up on, just because i didn’t care about what other people think. Self love plays a very significant role in this situation. There is nothing more important than self love, acceptance and patience. 🤲🏼

These 3 ingredients will help you recover 100%. Why?

Self love is the warm hug you need when you feel down. You can give it to yourself in order to grow stronger. Acceptance is understanding that your body changes and that change, in the worst cases, won’t last forever! Patience is waiting for the treatment to help your body react in a good way.

I hope this experience of mine will help you in a way or another. Life is too beautiful to let small things make it look like it’s not. Enjoy every moment and bloom from within. 🤲🏼🌱

You are BEAUTIFUL! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Kisses, Iris💕

Feeling lonely, something ordinary

I want to start this post by telling you that feeling lonely is something you can get comfortable with in time.  It starts like an irritation and makes you feel somehow unwanted or unnecessary any more.  Then, after this period, you start observing the right things that come from this feeling. You have more time to discover your own personality, needs, passions as well as fears. I feel lonely many times per week, even though there are many people around me. It is like i cannot find my place among them. Maybe there is something deeper than i think, maybe an untreated wound from past. Who knows? That is why sometimes it is better to have some moments with your own self and just discuss about what makes you feel insecure and about your position in people’s life. I am not a philosopher, on the contrary, i would never be capable of giving a deeper advise. I am not the qualified person to tell you what to do, just overthinking right here. High school years changed me and in many moments i miss my old version of a hopeless romantic, a small dreamer, creative, innocent babygirl that i used to be. There is no coming back, i guess, and it is weird that i have lost this girl for a new version based on realism or technical stuff.  I miss the days in which i could write everything that came  to my mind, dream about impossible, feel free to believe in fairytales such as endless love. It is not nice to feel insecure about yourself in people’s lives just because you have lost the person you used to be, but it is something you can get used to. These things make me feel lonely as hell, nobody can help me overcome this feeling and the fear is based on a freaky opposition between the old me & this copied body with other priorities…

Travel Journal. First Step: Denmark

Hello, bloggers!

As i promised some weeks ago, i’m gonna tell you the experiences i’ve been through this whole time while i was missing.

I had the opportunity to see a big part of Denmark some months ago, as my sister, Irina, lives there with her husband. After a year of waiting, my parents finally decided to visit them and to spend our spring holiday in Sonderborg, a small and quiet city in Southern Denmark.


Se afișează image.jpeg

The weather was friendly enough to take walks all over the city and not only here. Usually, Denmark is a “rainy” country and i couldn’t do anything, but to be somehow sad because of the sunny days haha. You know i’m in love with rain. Despite my passion for it, the city was amazing when the sun kissed it gently.

Se afișează image.jpeg

The house in which we spent the holiday, my sister’s, is very different from the ones in my country, so it was a nice experience to live in a big, black one, without a roof. I would have never thought about living in such a building or build it in this style. It’s worth trying tho.

.Se afișează image.jpeg


What’s very interesting is that Danish people appear to be addicted to pastries and different types of pies, cakes and sweets. There are bakeries all over the city, just to make your decision hard to be taken:)). I can say that i tried as many as i could, but there were so many assortments that in 9 days you would have become triple:)). You either buy everything that is mouthwatering or avoid those places. Nothing in between!

Se afișează image.jpeg

My smile in this picture says a lot about how i was feeling during the sweetening session.

Se afișează image.jpeg


Se afișează image.jpeg

Ribe, a very small town in south-west, is the place of colorful houses. I think i took pictures with every single house during my visit and, even though i don’t have enough space in my phone for more photos, i don’t regret it. The atmosphere is pretty warm here and quiet because of its small population. It’s worth visiting and clearly a peaceful place to get unwind!

Se afișează image.jpeg

Pretending that we’re the legendary Vikings was one of the ways in which my brother-in-low and i had fun in Ribe. Pure Scandinavian style.

Se afișează image.jpeg

This is a specific, family picture with my mother, my sister and her husband, taken by my dad in Ribe Centre, while we were having a very good time tasting the Vanilla Pie. A precious and a rare picture, indeed.

                North Sea

Se afișează image.jpeg

So different and stunning, almost inexistent. I think this is the strangest sea i’ve ever seen in my life. Besides the fact that it’s smaller than the others, seems to have dried up.

                   Men at Sea 

Se afișează image.jpeg

This is a 9 meter tall, white monument of four seated males, which can be seen from ships leaving or entering the Esbjerg harbor. It seems to me that despite their height, a little girl like me could reach it successfully:)


Se afișează image.jpeg

Mogeltonder is my favorite town in Denmark, due to it’s “sophisticated simplicity”. By this, i’m referring to the royal residence Schackenborg Castle situated in such a small and barely known town. There are a few people living here in a peaceful atmosphere, judging from the houses to their smiles.

Se afișează image.jpeg

As you can see, the old houses and the uncommon trees, kissed by the sun’s soft brightness, appear to smile with me. There is a paved street where all the houses look like this one and there are a lot of strange trees worth admiring.


Se afișează image.jpeg

Well, the last, but not least, the crowded Copenhagen. We visited the capital at the end of the holiday, so i let it the last one too. Here we have Nyhavn, a waterfront, canal and entertainment district, where the tourists and not only them can spend a great time at bars, cafes and restaurants. The view is spectaculous in general, but from a boat or a mini ship, eveything appears to be a colorful fairytale.

Se afișează image.jpeg

Just look at the famous mermaid how gracefully she stands there and waits all the time to be photographed and admired.

Se afișează image.jpeg

This furbished place in their harbor, which looks like a real beach if you come closer to it, caught my attention because it’s kind of a special place for “beachin'” and you could also jump into the water.

Se afișează image.jpeg

This is how a park looks like at the beginning of May in Copenhagen. There were a lot of teenagers, youth and tourists, but we found a spatious place to take photos.

Se afișează image.jpeg

As i already mentioned, they are addicted to sweets. Waffels, different assortments of ice cream, pancakes. In Copenhagen, i chose churros with Nutella and my favorit dark, bitter chocolate ice cream. Yummy!  Give it a try, if you visit this capital.

Se afișează image.jpeg

The most amazing would have been a journey under the Baltic Sea, on the Oresund Bridge, between Denmark and Sweden. We didn’t have enough time for this experience, but imma pass it with my next visit.

My first jouney abroad this year was a success near my family. The Easter was distinct and special, far away from home and Romanian traditions. I’ll continue my Travel Journal with the first occasion. A magical summer holiday on Lefkada Island, Greece! Can’t wait to tell and show you where the heaven really is!

Good bye! -Iris


Back in business

Hello, bloggers!!

I’m back and ready for new adventures and touching posts. Well, if you had wondered why i was missing two months, it’s good to know that i would have had a lot of work to do for school. I know this is not a good excuse, but i had to take CAE and to pass it successfully. This required all my attention, a lot of practice and concentration. Besides the exam, i was travelling to Denmark by car for two weeks, so i have some things to share with you, guys. Now that i passed the exam, my summer is finally here.

Keep in touch!;)

Liebster Award

A big thank you to My Journey Into Darkness for this nomination! Please forgive me for being late, my dear!


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  1. What is your earliest memory and how old were you?

I’m 17 and one of my earliest memories is when i burts into tears at kindergarten because my mother left me there. Yeah, this is not actually the nicest early memory, but this is all i have for now:))

2.If you could magically acquire one talent that you don’t have, what would it be?

I would like to able to learn languages without any difficulty. I mean  knowing more than 4 languages is a pure talent, isn’t it?

3.What five things would you put into a time capsule?

My pillow, it is definitely the most important thing:)), an ablum with photos of my family and friends because travelling in time alone means to be far away from them, my phone, my headphones because without music i’m nothing and my watch because i’m in love with it and would like to keep an eye on the time passing.

4.Where did you get your name?

Well, i was born in 1998 and then, in Romania, there weren’t so many options. My mother wanted something special, new and not ordinary, something related to innocence. She didn’t think a lot about it because the idea came up unexpectedly. There was a rock band named “Iris” and even she didn’t like rock music, she remembered that Iris is also a name of a flower.  Voila:)

5.What would you like to have put on your tombstone?

A poem wrote by me in order for the future generations to know how beautiful can be to write, especially about love, a lot of pink and white flowers everywhere and a photo with me in my youth, not in my elderness.

6.If you could witness any event in history, which one would it be?

Wow, nice question. I’ve never thought about that:)). Well, it will sound very awkward, but i would like to have been on Titanic on the 14th April 1912. This story always fascinated me and those times, the elegance, the style too. Of course i wanted to be rescued, but the experience would have been unforgettable.

7.Are you usually late, early or on time?

Most of the time i’m late. This is not the best answer, i know, but i’m honest:))

8.Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Beatles because they remind me of my English, cute teacher with British accent from elementary school.

9.What was the worst present you ever got?

I’ve never received a bad present because i appreciate everything, but when i was 9 and i had a birthday party i received the same toy four times in that night. It wasn’t pleasant at all.:))

10.Have you ever met anybody famous?

Yessssss, i met Rihanna in St Tropez four years ago when i was walking along the centre and suddenly all the people around me started screaming “Look, there’s Rihanna omg” and, i think it’s obvious, i did the same thing:)))


  1. Would you like to move in another country?
  2. Where are you from and what do you like the most about your country?
  3. In a world full of KIm Kardashians, who would you like to be?
  4. What do you do in order to forget about you problems?
  5. What do you think about the adrenaline seekers? Are you one of them?
  6. Is it important to have one good friend who will always be there for you or to be popular and have a lot of friends?
  7. Which is the last book you red and when did you finish it?
  8. Do you have a friendship with your parents/children?
  9. If you were on an empty island, who would you want to be with?
  10. Love, money or fame and why?


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Building my own blogging community

                I’VE  REACHED  MORE  THAN 100 FOLLOWERS!  

Many thanks to you, my darlings, because without you my posts would have meant nothing, just some words thrown to the wind. You’re the ones who gave life to my ideas, you represent my source of inspiration. I just can’t express my gratitude in words! I wish all of you were here, just to live for a moment my happiness!

I also want to say sorry if it happened in the past to avoid unintentionally your comments. I promise to pay more attention to you, guys.

I started this blog due to the fact that there are many things unsaid and here are most of the teenagers who have opinions as well as iron-clad arguments about life facts. The blogging community  is the only adequate place where i should seek for aspects written with good taste, with a wide variety of expressions and collocations, isn’t it?  I also want to thank my sister because she’s the one who advised me to creat Gone with the wind.  Her idea helped me to improve my level of English, as writing has always been one of my favorite activities to do in my spare time.

So guys, thank you again for your kindness. Keep writing! Kisses!

3 Day Quote Challange: Day 3

Good evening, bloggers! Day 3 captured me in a good mood so the quote will be, of course, a bright one. Thank you again for the nomination, Amazing Juvenile!

Rules of this challenge:

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Always believe something wonderful is going to happen. Even with all the ups and downs, never take a day for granted. Smile, cherish the little things and remember to hug the ones you really love. That’s how my days turn into special ones, every single one! A hug from my beloved people will always make them count.


I hope you haven’t done this challenge yet and even if you had, i hope this nomination won’t bother you.

3 Day Quote Challange: Day 2

This is my Day 2 for the 3 Day Quote Challange. Many thanks to the lovely Amazing Juvenile who nominated me. Have a look ar her colorful posts.

Rules of this challenge are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
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Every quote that i choose is related to my mood and, as i already said in my previous post, i spent the weekend with my family far from home. Our Ohana is a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love and kept by God together forever. It’s His greatest masterpiece and life’s greatest blessing.


Ignore it if you’ve aldready done it, but i think that we all have more than three favorite quotes, so it’s a good opportunity for you to share your best ones.

3 Day Quote Challange: Day 1

Hello, bloggers!

I was nominated for the first time in my “blogger life” by  Amazing Juvenile for this challenge. You just can’t imagine how happy i was when i realised that my blog received a nomination! Yupii Yaaay! Visit her blog and read as many posts as you can because, trust me, they deserve to be read! Thank you, darling!


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
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  • Nominate three new bloggers each day.


“Never pass up an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty. It’s the handwriting of God”

I chose this quote for the first day of my challenge because i’ve escaped to the mountains this weekend together with my beloved family: parents and grandparents. The vernal weather fills the fresh air with its touchable fragrance. Nature is, indeed, the handwriting of God, who wrote a precious poem about beauty many years ago. I think we’ve been blessed to enjoy His creation.

My nominations are:

If you’ve already done this challenge, feel free to ignore it or tell me your opinion about my today quote:). I would like you to share your thought and i also wait questions from you about nature.

Things that melt my heart (x2)

Good afternoon, bloggers!

Yesterday I promised that i’ll continue the list of things that i love about life as soon as possible and now, being again on the road, i consider it’s a great opportunity to share my thoughts.

   5. Being taken aback!

I had the chance and the luck to be taken aback so many times, in so many ways by the ones who love me that i’m ashamed to ask for something extra. They always know what makes me scream so loud that the sound of my voice would wake USA up. It is very satisfying and nice to realise that are some people in this world who think about your happiness all the time and know how to feed it.

  6. Coffee. Coffee shops. Morning Coffee. Just Coffee.

Well, i prefer a decaf in order to maintain the balance between energy and tiredness. It helps me anyway because i’m an active person, but it’s also necessary to contain milk. Cinnamon tickles my taste buds, so i include it everytime i have the chance. Everything gets better after a cup of hot coffee. Ohh and its smell….

   7. People who remember details about me

Providing i remember sooo[…]ooo many things about people who i’m interested in, i love it when someone does the same with me. Then is the moment when i realise my words count for somebody and they pay attention to what my life and my thoughts are about. Nice people, indeed. There’re no pleasantries more credible than an astonishing detail remembered by a person of my interest.

     8. Space. Galaxy. The Milky Way.


The complexity of space always fascinated me and the only thing that freaks me out about it is the fact that it doesn’t allows us to discover its entire story and corners. Even if humanity is not able to decode most of it, i’ll always be interested in finding out its secrets. It has a lot mysterious parts to show…the sheer limit of unknown…

      9. Aquariums

Oh yes, i could spend days and nights gazing at fish’s dances. The water confers a peaceful atmosphere, rest my brain, those delicate moves of various sized corals get me into an eternal and deep trance and the colorful fish are impacient to demonstrate me which one is more beautiful. Fresh, reassuring world…

      10. The old people

There are many reasons why i love old people. Their maturity, different experiences, sweet and warm looks, never ending love stories, wars, their teenage, power of love, habbits. It melts my heart to see them smile and healthy and i help them as much as i can crossing the street, holding their bags, listening to their problems. It’s said that supposing you don’t have a grown old near you, buy one!

This is for today, darlings. Hope you’ll enjoy my post. I really appreciate these 6 things in my life. What do you think about surprises, coffee, details, space, aquariums and old people? Do these feed your happiness in any way? Let me know!